Maneka Gandhi And Her Dogs

Dear Miss Maneka Gandhi, it seems that with your long association with dogs and other animals, you have slowly started to forget the difference between dogs and humans. Your recent regulations regarding child adoption from orphanages are very stupid, considering the fact that the new regulations make the orphan kids no better than a pound of meat in the butcher’s shop.

Your new regulations, which stipulate that the couples coming for adoptions should be first provided with photographs of six children and can choose from one of them is downright silly and stupid. No wonder you could never rise in your family hierarchy. If a mother who is going to deliver a child has no right to ‘design’ or ‘choose’ her baby, in the same way, a childless couple also does not have any right to choose between babies as if they were some fancy products on a supermarket shelf. I am sure that if you had the chance to choose a son, you would have gone for anyone other than Varun Gandhi.

You have been used to animals rights and sh*t. And you are living in a parallel universe where you see everyone else as a dog or a cat. Please don’t do that. Change the way you see the world and the world will respect you while you are alive and remember you when you are no more.


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