Total War

The bombings in Paris have taken 130 innocent lives and hundreds more injured. They were people like you and me, folks who had nothing to do with the air-strikes in Syria or the suppression of Palestine. Normal people who were enjoying a concert of their favourite band or cheering their national soccer team. People who go to work everyday and lived a life of dignity. None of them might have thought that they would wake up that morning for the last time. That they would return to their homes in body bags. That they would never be able to see their children smile or share a moment with their partner or share a laugh with their friends.

Perhaps the best and the most meaningful response has come from the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. ‘This is total war and should be treated like that’. I couldn’t agree more. There are some folks out there on Facebook and Twitter trying to draw parallels between the violence in Beirut and attacks in Paris. These are totally different from each other. You just cannot compare the two.

Islamic State is a serpent which is growing in size. Their venomous ideology is just too poisonous to be allowed to exist in our world. We should wage war. Total, absolute, merciless war. The stakes have never been higher. Without caring for the collateral damage, we should do everything we can to cut off the head of this serpent. I frankly don’t give a fuck if you label my blog-post anti-Islamic because it is against an organization that has an Islamic name. If you call me intolerant, I would tell you to go and fuck yourself. For the dummy in you, take a look at history and you will see that peace has always been maintained with swords and spears, at the price of blood. Not with flowers or candle light marches.

The question is not about the Paris attacks being perpetrated by Islamists or non-Islamists. Every religion has had its share of violence. The Christians had Crusades. Hindu-Muslim riots are common in India. Buddhists are targeting Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Muslims fight each other in Muslim countries.The fact is, when your religion, no matter what its name is, gets inside your head, you become an animal. You do not remain a human anymore.

After such attacks have happened, the most common sights on the streets is people expressing sympathy, changing their Facebook profile pictures, tweeting with some hashtags. But ask yourself, are these acts going to make a real difference? It feels good to show the world that you are concerned and that you care but aceept it that your actions like this are not going to make a real difference. And also the fact that they do nothing to stop an attack in the future. I’m not a proponent of violence. But nor do I believe in sitting on your palms when innocent people die. Some people only understand the language of violence. Diplomacy or non-resistance does not bring any desired reactions from them. If the Jews had taken the advice of Mahatma Gandhi and did not put up any resistance against the Nazis, do you think that would have changed the attitude of the Nazis? Never. Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that violence is the answer. Increase the air-strikes, put boots on the ground on the battlefield, block financial life-lines of the Islamic State. Do whatever but make sure the bastards die. Every last one of them.

“Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy”



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