2% Terror (Only)

The U.S State Department has decried the response of the 16 Republican governors who have declared their decision to not to accept any more refugees from Syria. The State Department says that out of the total number of refugees entering the United States, ‘only 2% are of fighting age’. That translates to roughly around 200 young men.

What the State Department is ignoring here is the fact that 2-3 highly motivated young men are enough to stage an attack in New York or Washington D.C. The Chicago marathon bombings was executed by the Tsaernev brothers. The were just two young men in their twenties. They were enough to unleash terror on a sport event attended by thousands. According to reports from Paris, the attackers consisted of 6-7 terrorists.

2% seems like a small number but when you put the question of ‘2% of what?’ on the wall, things fall into perspective.  The Obama administration has always been weak on foreign policy in general and terrorism in particular. Obama has not been able to assert his influence on global affairs as his predecessors.

I cannot blame the Republican governors for their response. If had been in their place, I would have done the same thing. The next place for ISIS to stage an attack in Europe is in all probability, going to be Germany. You can interpret the previous sentence in any way you like but I have my reasons to believe it. And such an attack will have far-reaching political consequences. Not just for Germany or Europe, but for the whole world.


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