Amplifying Trust

There are some activities that we take up for pleasure, as a hobby to kill time. Some others are taken up out of obligation because someone close to you wanted you to do it. Perhaps a parent, a spouse or a sibling. They thought that you were the most competent person they knew personally to start and finish the job most efficiently.

It was the trust in your abilities that made this person come to you. In a digital ecosystem where everyone is screaming at the top of their voices asking you to trade your trust for their product or service, it is hard to find the right person to trade in your trust.

Is it because trust cannot be built online? Or is it because trust is a virtue that cannot be scaled up to make it massive?

Practically anything, including trust, can be scaled up and amplified to reach millions. It is not necessary that they see you in person. It is not necessary for you to dress like them or to speak their tongue or to worship their gods. However, you will have to be ready to be ignored and frowned upon while the masses are busy looking at the screamers and shouters willing to sell anything, just to make a quick buck.

The question is, in an age where success is measured by mediocre parameters such as likes and shares, are you willing to wait for the recognition? Or do you also wish to go around the market with you sling-bag, shouting at the top of your voice to sell your goods?

Cheers to all the good things yet to come!!!


Often times, we get so lost in the noise around us that we fail to grasp the things that matter.

What is being spoken? Who is speaking? How credible is the speaker? Is it even worth your time?

You want to turn the conversation on its head? Be the one asking the questions.

Most people believe it is their duty to fall in line with their teacher, boss, customer, presidential candidate etc. Turn the tables on the status quo and you will realize how good it feels when you get the answers, not just noise.

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